“ i couldnt go too far alone ”

I Swear I Mean Everything


Narry fluff, i regret nothing.

"Niall," Harry whines, reaching out in attempts to turn the heater away from him. He blindly moves his hands around, running them along the dashboard to either side, moving the small knobs that control the vents. "How much long do I have to be blinded by this damn bandana?" 

"Just a bit longer now, alright?" Niall says back, humming softly along to the song that plays on the radio. His stomach goes in knots as he passes a familiar road sign, and it all becomes much too real for him, he could pass out. 

"But we’ve been driving for a year now," Harry whines again, running his fingers through his curls. Niall stays silent, focusing on the road as the small black box burns a hole through his pocket. He adjusts his hands over the steering wheel, his palms going sweaty, he’s going to do it, after four years, and countless days spent together, he was finally going to do it. And nothing felt real. 

"We’ve been driving for an hour, Harry. You’re so dramatic," Niall sighs, looking over momentarily smiling at the sight. Harry pouts, crossing his arms over his chest as he leans his head back, and Niall just wants to kiss him. "You know, when you look like an over-sized four year old when you do that." Niall laughs, watching the yellow lines of the road as he drives on, down the open road. "What do you expect, i’ve been blinded." He says, biting at his bottom lip.


"I’m going to be car sick," Harry warns, twiddling his fingers together. "How much longer?" 

"Five minutes," Niall replies, reaching over to turn the radio up a few notches, letting the music flow through the car. Harry folded his arms over his chest again, huffing a dramatic sigh, "you said that five minutes ago." 


It’s 12:30 when they arrive there, and the sky is dark and shallow, stars burning bright surrounding the moon, and Niall can’t fucking breathe. He parks in the lot, and cuts the engine and looks over at Harry, illuminated by the moon. He swallows hard, taking a deep breath. “We’re here.” 

"Finally." Harry muses, "now can I have my bloody vision back yet? I feel like you’re taking me to the middle of nowhere and you’re going to sacrifice my body to the gods or something sadistic." Niall laughs, rolling his eyes as he takes his seat belt off and opens his car door. "You’re stupid, hang on i’ll help you out. Don’t take off the bandana, okay?" 

"Oh dear, I wouldn’t dream of it." Harry keens. 

Niall shakes his head as he shuts his door and takes his time walking over, the view of the ocean was close, the sound of the waves crashing against the sand filled the air, and Niall’s skin burned with terror as he opened the door and helped Harry out. “Took you long enough,” Harry says sarcastically, hanging on to his boyfriend’s arm as Niall closes the door, and loops his arm around his waist pulling him in. They kiss for what seems like ever, Harry’s back pressed up against the car and his hands finding their way through Niall’s hair. Niall pulls back, shaking his head, “stop trying to distract me, Styles. Now walk slowly, and try not to fall on your face alright?” 

"Mhm, of course. Just don’t let me go, and don’t let me walk into a pole again, alright?” 

"That was an accident, babe. We’ve been over it," Niall laughs, his voice echoing through Harry’s head as they begin to walk, taking slow steps. "Okay, this is where you need to be careful alright? The ground is going to be really unsteady," he warns, and Harry huffs another sigh, fumbling a bit as they step onto the sand, their shoes sinking into the soft ground. In the distance, the waves crash together, and Harry knows where they are. He freezes once Niall’s hand moves his from waist, disappearing from him as he reaches out to touch him. "Stop," Niall says, "don’t move."  

Harry obliges, swallowing hard as Niall begins to untie the bandana he’d so thoughtfully tied tightly around his head, letting it fall in front of him. Harry opened his eyes slowly, staring at the sight of the wide ocean in front of him. A smile stretched from ear to ear as a larger wave crashed onto the shore, wetting the sand before gliding back in slowly. “Oh my fucking god, Ni.” He breathed out slowly, not taking his eyes off the sight, “i’ve always wanted to come here.” He said, breaking his gaze from it. Niall gave a small smile, the ring in his pocket felt like a weight, pulling his entire body down. “I knew you liked it,” he said with a blush rising to his cheeks. Harry hugged him, pulling them close, bodies meshing together as one. They kissed again passion and love clinging to their tongues, filling their bodies and minds. “I love you so fucking much,” Niall breathes out as Harry moves his lips to the pale flesh of his neck, kissing and leaving the start if a small love bite. “T-Theres a reason I brought you here actually,” he says with his heartbeat in his throat, and his sweaty hands shaking. 

Harry frowns a bit, almost looks puzzled. “What is it, babe?” 

And this is it, Niall thinks. And the only thing that flows through his mind is the awful moment of the words no, i can’t flood through his mind and he’s not sure he can do this. But he does, and he’s down on one knee, because thats what they do in the movies anyways. Harry’s breath hitches in his throat as Niall grabs his hand, fumbling in his pocket as he retrieves the box where the ring sits inside, and he really, really can’t fucking breathe now. 

"I’ve loved you for four years now, and I’ll love you for a hundred more I reckon. So i’ve been meaning to ask you, if you’d maybe, marry me?" He asks, the words trembling out of his mouth, fumbling through the air, and whisking away by the sound of the ocean. 

"Of course," Harry says, blinking away the tears that threaten to spill down his cheeks, "yes, oh my god yes. I’ll marry you, Ni." And thats when Niall lets out the biggest sigh of relief and he slips the engagement ring onto his left ring finger, and theres so many overwhelming feelings it takes him a minute of thinking which is his right and which is his left, but its more recognizable when he sees the scar on his hand from when he burnt himself on the oven rack. Harry stares at the ring, then to Niall, smiling at him like he was the greatest thing in the world before they’re kissing again, "I love you so much, Ni" Harry smiles against his lips, nipping at his bottom lip as Niall smiles wide, kissing back. "I love you too, H." 

"What are we even doing," Harry asks, pulling apart, "we’re at the beach and we’re standing here." And Niall stares at him like he’s mad, because well, he is. "It’s Feburary!" He argues. Harry rolls his eyes, grabbing his hand and pulls him along towards the water, making him kick his shoes off. 

(And they both end up with colds and they’re sick for two weeks, but its was worth it. Harry thinks so anyways.) 

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