“ i couldnt go too far alone ”



Pairing: Nouis, Lilo, Zouis, Larry.

Contains: smut, dirty talk??

Word count: 2,431

(A:N/ Thanks for your prompt, sorry it took so long. xx)

Louis sat up from the table, swiping his palm across his forehead clearing the dabs of sweat that had accumulated over the last hour. He looked over at the man giving a weak smile as he winced from the raw pain on his chest. “You’re all done,” the tattoo-artist smiled, setting down the tattoo gun and tossing the black inked soaked cloth in the trash along with his pair of blue gloves. “Would you like to have a look?”

Louis nodded and slide off the table following the man towards the mirror and glanced from his pale face down to his chest that now had been partially covered in black cursive. He reached a shaky hand up to his hair and ran it back while staring at it. He breathed out slowly before smiling at the guy, “It’s perfect,” he mumbled focusing back on the tattoo. “Thank you so much.”

Louis leaned over and grabbed his thin, black tank top and slid it over his head checking in the mirror as it hung down on his chest just enough for you to actually notice it’s there. He smiled and grabbed his keys following the man out of the shop and got to his car and drove over toward Harry’s house where he knew all the boys were hanging out. He pulled into the drive and put his car in park, cutting the engine and hoping out jogging up to the front door. He knocked twice before letting himself in hearing Zayn and Niall’s voice over the roar of a video game. He kicked off his shoes before he rounded the corner and saw all four boys seated on the sofa, a controller in Zayn and Niall’s hand and fifa on the screen. He watched the last few moments of the game as Niall stood up getting oddly close to the screen before throwing his hands up in victory.

Zayn scoffed and threw the controller into Harry’s lap folding his arms over his chest. “I let you win,” he said through his gritted teeth looking back catching sight of the oldest member. “Louis! When’d you get here?”

All three boy’s followed Zayn’s and rested on him. He suddenly felt nervous, anxiously waiting for their feedback on his new modification. “Good game” was all Louis could say. “New ink?” Zayn asked pursing his lips. Harry and Niall narrowed their eyes and Liam nodded his head in the back. “What is it?” Niall asked reaching out to touch the tattoo, tracing his index finger over the top part. Louis gasped from his touch and pulled back with a weak smile. “Still a bit sore, Ni. Just got it done.” Niall blushed, noticing the redness around it, “sorry Lou.”

Harry was next to look at it, “what’s it say?” Louis cleared his throat and pressed his lips together before answering. “Uh- It is what it is” he explained with a blush. “Strip off your shirt, let us have a proper look,” Harry said with a wink watching Louis pull the black tank over his head letting it fall to his feet. Harry’s eyes roamed across his flawless, slightly tanned torso. It’s eyes flickered over the black ink that went right underneath his collar bones. “Looks-“ he paused, swallowing hard, suddenly feeling his face getting hot and his pants becoming tighter over his thighs. “Nice,” he managed to choke out. Why the fuck was he getting turned on by this? It’s just a tattoo, just a tattoo on Louis, across his perfectly sculpted chest.

Niall had similar feelings about the tattoo, with his face only a few centimeters from the tattoo he looked Louis over, noticing how much of a badass this made him look. A sexy, rebellious badass. Louis’s eyes dropped down and almost popped out of his head when he noticed Niall’s erection that was highly visible straining against his gray sweatpants. “Someone’s a bit excited, eh?” Louis said with a nervous laugh, wondering if he had caused it. Niall blushed and looked away, “your tattoo is just really- nice,” he paused, imagining Louis naked and sprawled across the couch, all his dark tattoos highly visible. He swallowed hard and took a step backwards, not taking his eyes off the tattoo as his cock strained against his boxers.

One thing about Liam was that he definitely had a kink for tattoos. Something about how they were permanently there forever just made things exciting for him although, he wasn’t quite sure why. He watched how Harry and Niall had reacted, surely the tattoo was really fucking nice but he hadn’t exactly realized how amazing it was until he got up close to it, holding himself back from touching it. He licked his lips and swallowed thickly, something about it just made his blood rush.

Zayn watched them all interacting like a bunch of hormonal teenagers. Was it because it was on his chest? Certainly they’d never acted like this when he’d gotten a new tattoo and showed them. So what the hell was so special about his? He folded his hands across his chest and rolled his eyes while turning trying to hide his own erection he was beginning to sport beneath his black jeans.

Niall was the first to make a move, closing the gap between the two and pressing their lips together. He rested his hands on Louis’s dainty hips and slide his tongue across his bottom lip. It took Louis a minute but eventually he began to kiss back, moving his hands to the small of the blond’s back, his eyes shutting as he deepened the kiss. He could hear the other three boys shuffling around behind them as Niall pulled back, “need you,” he moaned against his lips. “Right now. Please.”

“Save some for the rest of us, mate,” Harry called out, the other two boys nodding behind him. Louis gasped at his words and looked at all of them, Niall leaned down and kissed his jawline to his collar bones, his lips gliding across the top of his tattoo causing the oldest boy to gasp. “Y-You all want to f-fuck me?”

“I’ll beg if I have too,” Niall mumbled against his throat. Louis laughed at that, imagining all four boys on their knees in front of him, hands clasped as they begged to fuck him.

“Okay” was all Louis said before Niall was on his knees in front of him, tugging at the button on his jeans. Louis looked down and watched as Niall tugged them down past his knees, his long, pale fingertips ghosting along the band before tugging those down as well springing his erection free. Niall licked his lips as he wrapped his hand around his cock, pumping it back and forth before leaning in and wrapping his lips around it. He bobbed his head back and forth, hollowing his cheeks around the older boy. He couldn’t help but reach his hand down and tug on Niall’s grown-out hair, pulling his entire head forward so his cock was at the back of his throat. Niall only hummed around him, swallowing against his tip before pulling back and rising to his feet dragging him along to the couch where he bent him over.

Niall unbuttoned his own jeans and slid them down before kicking them off over his socked feet. He pushed three fingers into the oldest member’s mouth mumbling a “suck” feeling Louis’s lips close around his fingers obliging to his demands. He drew them back and leaned forward tracing his index finger over the tight ring of muscle before pushing it in to his knuckle, using the scissoring effect until he had all three fingers in. He pulled them back and placed both hands on his hips before lining himself up and rocking inside. A pained gasp fell from Louis’s lips as his eyes shut tight and his lips sunk into his bottom lip, waves of raw pain shot through him with each thrust from the blond boy. “Jesus Christ,” Louis breathed out harshly, his fingers grasping the couch tighter.

“So good,” Niall moaned, “so fucking tight. Not gonna last long,” he said through pants, bucking his hips harder into Louis’s prostate making him see stars. Louis rocked back and forth on his knees with each thrust until the blond finally climaxed. He moaned out Louis’s name as he came deep inside the oldest member, stalling for a moment before slowly pulling out and taking a deep breath as his heart beat hard against his chest.

Louis continued panting; the raw feeling had diminished into a burst of pleasure towards the end. He looked behind him and saw Liam staring at him, wide puppy dog eyes that made him look so fucking innocent and so fucking sexy. Harry gave the older boy a gentle push towards Louis but Liam just whimpered, “I- I don’t want to hurt you,” he admitted. Louis’s gaze softened as the corner of his lips curved up in a smile, “you won’t,” he nodded his head. “Promise you’ll tell me if I do?” Louis nodded at this and turned forwards resting his forehead on the couch as Liam stripped away his pants and lined himself up behind him. “Should I use something-?” Liam whispered, Louis shook his head, his eyes already shut. “Nope.”

Liam took a deep breath and gripped the front of his thighs as he pushed inside slowly, stalling in his heat waiting for the older boy to tell him when to move. Louis gasped again, pushing himself back onto Liam feeling himself being completely filled up. “Liam, you can move,” Louis said softly, a moan erupting from his throat. Liam pressed his lips together and rocked back and forth into the older boy, feeling him clenching and releasing around his cock. He pushed in faster, pulling out farther before drilling back into him. With each thrust he brushed against something fleshy that sent Louis into hysterics. He’d wished this could’ve been more romantic, but the only thing on his mind was sex, and Louis’s tattoo. That just about drove the younger boy to his orgasm; he’d never, ever experienced anything like it. He felt fireworks going off in his mind as he pushed in as far as he could, a moan escaping his lips followed by a “fucking yes”. He opened his eyes and blinked a few times before pulling out of the older boy.

Harry was next, he wasted no time in stripping off his pants and boxers, his hand pumped over his already-hard cock. He let out a moan as he began thumbing the tip waiting for Louis to call him. “Ready?” Louis finally asked, Harry’s eyes filled with lust at his words, of-fucking-course he was ready. “Mhm, yeah” Harry said in a low voice, “turn on your back for me, Lou.”

Louis paused for a minute before turning on his back, his legs propped up by the cushion on the couch. Harry smiled down at him, getting between his thighs. “Just wanted to see you is all,” he smiled, licking his lips before rubbing the tip of his cock against Louis’s sensitive hole. Louis’s back arched at that, biting at his bottom lip as Harry entered inside him, filling him up nicely. He began thrusting his hips back and forth, barely taking his eyes from the massive tattoo on the oldest boy’s chest. Both arms rested on each side of Louis’s shoulders as he leaned down a bit, thrusting harder into him.

“Fuck.. fuck” Louis gasped, lifting his own hips up this, he looked over at Zayn who was staring at the two, palming himself. “Want you in my mouth,” he moaned, “now.”

Zayn quickly stood up, eyes wide as he pointed to his chest as if saying “me? Really?” Louis nodded and his eyes shut tight as redness took over his usual tanned skin when the younger boy began pounding into his prostate. Harry leaned down and pressed his lips to Louis’s neck, sucking hard enough to leave a dark purple mark. His thrusts became sloppier and sloppier but god damn- Harry just couldn’t let himself go because Louis felt so, so fucking good.

Zayn climbed on the couch, his hand already placed at the base of his cock. Louis’s thin lips parted open as Zayn leaned over him. Louis’s wrapped his lips around the head of Zayn’s cock, flicking his tongue over the tip tasting the pre-cum that leaked from him. Zayn pushed himself into the older boy’s mouth at a faster pace, practically face-fucking him. He smoothed his fingers through Louis’s hair as he thrusted his cock in and out of Louis’s wet mouth, moaning at the waves of pleasure his tongue brang.

Harry breathed hard against his neck, he could feel Louis’s chest, slick with sweat. Filthy, muffled moans erupted from his mouth as he continued to suck harder on Zayn, hollowing his cheeks around him and swallowing around him. Harry could feel his stomach muscles clenching signaling he was close. Harry pushed harder into him, watching Louis’s body move up and down with his powerful thrusts. “I’m gonna-“ and before Zayn could even finish his sentence, he was coming into the older boy’s throat. Louis quickly swallowed the bitter liquid, breathing hard as Zayn pulled back from his mouth. Harry wrapped his hand around Louis’s hot cock and pumped quickly up and down, taking the whimpers flooding from his mouth as a good thing. And it didn’t take long until Louis was crying out and bucking his hips into Harry’s hard and hopelessly coming onto his torso.

As Louis came down from his high he focused his attention back to Harry, he looped his legs around Harry’s waist and his nails dug into Harry’s hips. “I’m- fuck” Harry bit his lip and looked right into Harry’s eyes, “c-can I?”

Louis didn’t even know what he was asking but he didn’t care, so he just nodded his head and said “god yes.”

Harry quickly pulled out of the older boy and leaned up, pumping his hand on his cock quickly until he was whimpering Louis’s name through gritted teeth and coming onto his tattoo, Harry’s eyes shut as he did so. Harry exhaled quickly and opened his eyes, adjusting to the warm feeling racing through his body.

After everyone cleaned themselves up they all got dressed and cuddled, happily satisfied and Louis thinking that if this was what he got each and every time he got a new tattoo, well shit, he’d just have to go get another one really, really soon.

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