“ i couldnt go too far alone ”

No Strings Attached

Warning: Smut!

(A:N/ Thanks for your prompt! I hope it did it justice though! xx)

"Don’t you think Niall has been a bit.. Bitchy lately?" Louis quizzed, looking over the three boys that sat around him. "Yeah, actually, ever since he hurt his arm." Harry said, scrubbing his palms over his face. The other three boys nodded their heads in agreement. "Definitely." 

"Shut the fuck up and stop talking about me." Niall growled before grabbing his coat from the back of Liam’s chair and leaving the room mumbling something nobody could make out under his breath. 

"Wow" Harry exchanged a weird glance between them. "He seems.. Tense?" They all stayed quiet until Louis finally spoke up, "I nominate Harry to be the one to go talk to him and see what’s wrong." Harry rolled his eyes as the other three agreed, he twisted off the cap of his water bottle taking a sip as Louis put his hand on his shoulder. "It’s only because you’re one of the most mature people I know." 

Liam scoffed at him while Louis gave him an apologetic look and returned to patting the younger boys shoulder. “And because you can probably handle getting punched better than the rest of us.” 


Harry walked up to the door of Niall’s flat, he knocked twice before opening the door seeing Niall laying on his couch. He picked his head up and narrowed his eyes at Harry who only smiled and kicked his shoes off in response. “What are you doing here?” Niall asked, watching him slip off his coat setting it on the counter. Harry walked over and sat at the end of the couch, “what? I can’t just stop by and see my best friend?”


Harry frowned and looked over at him. “What happened  Why are you being so— bitchy lately?” Niall rolled his eyes and adjusted his arm wincing at the pain that shot through his wrist and up. “I- Fuck.” He sat up leaning his back against the arm of the couch. “I attempted to teach myself to skateboard last week, and I hurt my arm but now I-” he paused, his face burning a dark red color. 

"But what, Ni?"

"Fuck, okay, promise you won’t say shit to anyone?" Harry nodded his head, "I promise." Niall swallowed hard and averted his gaze to the floor, "I.. Er- I can’t.. You know." He raised his brows watching the confused look on his face stretch into a wide smile. "C-Can’t what Niall?" Harry asked biting back a laugh, Niall just rolled his eyes again, "fuck you, Harry." 

"If you insist," Harry winked watching Niall look away again wincing at the feeling of himself straining against his boxers. "You know," Harry began, "I could.. Help you out." 

"No. I’m not-"

"Neither am I. Think of it as a friend doing another friend.. A favor." He winked, obviously amused at his pun. "And by the looks of it, you do need the help." He said referring to the visible bulge in Niall’s pants. He blushed and covered his crotch with a pillow. "Go away," he groaned watching him shake his head and laugh. "Just let me help you out Ni. I won’t say a word to anyone. Pinky-swear." 

"No Harry i’m fine-" 

With that Harry got up and threw the pillow away and straddled him rocking his hips back and forth against Niall whose eyes were about to roll in the back of his fucking head. “Still no?” 


Harry began moving around more, pressing his hands on Niall’s chest grinding his hips harder against Niall’s. “Ooh. Okay! You can fucking help me!” He said breathlessly while bucking up against the younger boy. He trailed his fingers underneath Niall’s shirt pulling it up over his head examining his torso before attacking his neck kissing and sucking down his chest. Harry teased him, palming him and moaning against his neck biting at his bottom lip. 

He dipped his head down and tugged Niall’s pants down wrapping his hands around his cock. He pumped up and down before adding his mouth sucking on the tip pushing down until his cock was at the back of his throat as he swallowed against it. He pulled back up licking the tip hollowing his cheeks around him bringing his mouth back up and down.

If Niall hadn’t known any better he could’ve swore he had died and went to heaven.

Harry continued until Niall was whimpering and bucking his hips hitting the back of his throat. Harry pulled off him and quickly unbuttoned his own pants kicking them off along with his boxers. “Suck on these,” Harry instructed  putting three fingers in the older boys mouth as he licked and sucked each one getting saliva on them. Harry drew back his fingers and added one at a time until Niall was at his peak. 

He pulled back and lined himself up pressing inside the blond until he was completely inside him. He leaned over Niall’s chest as he thrusted in and out of Niall’s heat quickly knowing he wouldn’t last long. He could feel Niall’s hand touch his hip and their lips crashed together as Harry swallowed each one of the older boys moans. “Fuck I’m close,” Niall moaned letting his eyes shut focusing on Harry’s thrust and the feeling of his teeth against his neck.

Harry nodded his head and gripped his hips pounding harder into noticing the vein in Niall’s neck becoming more prominent as he thrusted. He reached down between their bodies and wrapped his hand around Niall’s cock pumping up and down thumbing the slit again sending him into an ecstasy over-load as he bucked his hips upwards. “Jesus Christ!” Niall moaned as he came on to Harry’s hand and his stomach. He clenched around Harry digging his nails into his hips as the euphoric feeling took over through his whole body.

Harry let out a gust of breath as his cock twitched and he came inside of Niall’s heat. He rested his sweaty forehead against his shoulder while he came down from his high slowly pulling out leaning back on the couch. “Wow” Niall breathed out, his heart still slamming against his chest. Harry smiled and got off the couch picking up Niall’s shirt wiping himself off tossing it at him while he got dressed. 

"T-Thanks," Niall mumbled, "is there anything I can do for you?" Harry walked towards the door and slipped his shoes off and put his coat on. "Nope. Just think of it as a friend helping a friend out." He smiled before bidding his goodbyes and leaving.

Niall continued to lay naked on his couch as he eyes began to close with the smile still on his face as he thought about the fact that Harry was the best fucking friend he could’ve ever asked for.

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