“ i couldnt go too far alone ”


Warning: Smut

(A:N/ Wrote this today, hope you like it! xx)

“What color is my tongue?” Louis asked slowly, looking over at Harry who was too focused on eating his own popsicle to care. Sometime in the night both boys decided to get tipsy and lay upside down on the couches and eat popsicles.

Harry looked over at the older boy, “well? I can’t tell unless you stick your tongue out.” Louis blushed and stuck out his tongue watching Harry’s brows knit together and his low green eyes narrow. “Red.” Louis smiled cheerfully and returned to eating his popsicle again, Harry watched from the corner of his eyes at the older boy dragging his tongue up and down hollowing his cheeks around it and fuck— Harry’s pants began to get tight. He groaned and focused on the ceiling above him listening to Louis whimpers when it would touch his teeth and his obnoxious—sexy slurping. 

This boy was going to be the fucking death of him.

“What color is your tongue, Haz?” Louis quizzed, cocking a brow. Harry just shrugged, “my guess would be blue, since that’s the color popsicle i’m eating.” Louis giggled, “well? I want to see, show me!” Harry stuck out his blue stained tongue. Louis grinned, “I wonder if we could make purple.” Harry eyed him curiously and gave him the what-the-fuck look, “you’re drunk.” 

Louis sat straight up and set his finished popsicle stick on the wrapper  turning his body towards Harry who sat up as well. “No! Seriously Harry, can we? I’ve always wanted to try it out and pleaseee?” Harry shook his head while finishing his own, “no, you don’t mean that. You’re drunk.” Louis shook his head again, “no i’m not! Just for a minute, please?” Harry finally gave in and before he had time to react Louis was on his lap, palms on either side of Harry’s face pressing their lips together. Louis slid his tongue across Harry’s bottom lip before letting their tongues mix together. It didn’t take long before Louis was palming him, Harry let out a low whimper and wiggled underneath him, and shit— he could feel his dick straining against his boxers. 

They pulled apart and Louis was one-hundred percent his face was on fire, he looked down at Harry’s lap and pulled his hand away focusing on his face again. “Let’s have a look,” Harry’s voice was low and husky. Louis frowned and stuck out his tongue fearing it wouldn’t be purple and Harry would have no reason to kiss him anymore. “It didn’t work,” Harry reported to him, locking his eyes with him, then his lips. He leaned foward and pulled him back onto his lap kissing him again, Louis happily kissed back letting their tongues mend together again.

Harry’s lips were soft and Louis could taste a mixture of Blueberry and Whiskey, and damn, that was a good mix. Harry’s low moans pulled him from his thoughts, he could feel Harry bucking upwards against Louis, “do you want to go to the room?” Louis whispered, Harry nodded his head and stood up carrying him to the bed falling on top of him with a slight “oof”, he leaned up and straddled his hips attacking his neck with kisses leaving dark love-bites around his collar bones. He pulled off Louis and kicked his shoes off and began taking his shirt off and unbuttoning his jeans watching Louis mock his actions tossing his clothes on the floor revealing his tan, fit body. Harry climbed back on top of him, kissing down his chest dragging his tongue from his navel down his happy-trail. 

Harry tugged down his boxers and tossed them away wrapping his hand around his cock, watching him flinch as he melted back into the pillows watching Harry. Harry settled down between his legs and pressed a kiss on the inside of each thigh before taking him in his mouth running his tongue over his slit. Louis’s head was fucking spinning, Harry Styles was naked and blowing him, and he wasn’t dreaming. He closed his eyes running his hands through Harry’s curls feeling his warm, wet mouth wrapping around his cock sliding up and down. He began humming around Louis’s cock, going down as far as he could with gagging. He used his hands for the rest he couldn’t fit, and Louis thinks, he’s never had such a good blow-job in his life. 

“I’m c-close,” Louis panted, resisting the urge to buck his hips. He pulled off Louis with a popping noise and wiped the corners of his lips with his thumbs and smirked at Louis who was staring at him with a what-the-fuck look. “You fucking tease,” he growled, reaching down to touch himself. Harry smacked his hand away giving him a warning-look followed by another fucking smirk. Harry reached down biting his neck again, rolling his tongue over the broken skin sucking gently while using his hand to run up and down Louis’s dick.

Harry blushed as he realized he didn’t have any lube. He looked over at Louis, admiring his body for a quick second before rubbing his thigh. “You don’t happen to have any..” he trailed off. Louis’s cheeks went red with embarrassment as he nodded his head instructing him where his bottle of lube was. Harry came back a few seconds with the bottle and hopped back on his bed reaching in his drawer grabbing out a condom ripping the package with his teeth and rolling the condom on himself and applying lube to himself and using the excess on Louis. 

He began stretching him, slowly adding three fingers stalling until Louis was practically rocking back and forth. He pulled his fingers back and lined himself up not really know what the fuck to expect. Louis gasped as he pushed himself inside, both of them adjusting to the unusual feeling. For Louis, all he felt was pressure as Harry began rocking back and forth. And as for Harry, he never thought sex could be so fucking mind-blowing.

He rocked his hips in his heat over and over, gripping his hips as he did so, leaning down kissing him and his neck when he got the chance too. He could feel Louis tightening around him, and with that and the combination of the heat and pressure, Harry was fucking in heaven, he was sure of it. 

He experimentally thrusted harder watching the vein in Louis’s neck become more visible as he strained, biting his bottom lip dragging his teeth across it. Harry leaned down and kissed him again swallowing Louis’s moans. “F-Fuuck Harry!” Louis’s back slightly arched as he began tugging on his own cock faster, “i-i’m close.” Harry nodded his head in agreement, “me too,” he panted, rocking his hips faster. Louis continued to stroke his cock focusing on Harry’s necklaces that were hitting between his chest and Harry’s. 

“Fucking shit,” Louis moaned out biting his finger crying out Harry’s name as he came over his fist. Harry followed shortly after, thrusting his hips once more before stalling inside him as he came, he felt like Louis’s walls were closing around him and fuck, he was in ecstasy. He slowly pulled out and binned his condom laying beside Louis who was cleaning himself up with his discarded shirt feeling his heart-beat regulating. His eyes soon fell shut after Harry wrapped his arms around his torso pulling him close kissing the side of his neck then his lips before letting his own eyes shut. 

When he woke up, he expected Louis to be gone and never to talk to him again— expecting him to think this was a mistake. But in his surprise, when he woke up Louis was still there when he woke up, snuggled beside him, his eyes just starting to open and a small smile on his face. Neither of them spoke, and Harry didn’t move, they just kind-of laid there awkwardly staring at each other. Louis finally stretched out and yawned, leaning over kissing him quickly before snuggling closer to him again. Harry just smiled and shut his eyes throwing his arms around the older boys again. 

And Harry’s never been so fucking grateful for popsicles in his life.

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